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Buying or selling a house in France? Read our articles and advice now

Articles, tips and guidance

Read our articles, tips and advice on what you need to know when buying or selling a house in France.


How to save money with a property survey

Here's how a survey can help you ensure your chosen property is a good investment, reduce or avoid unexpected costs, and make the most of your budget


Selling your French house: How to get the price you want

Key tips on French conventions when selling a property, how to prepare your house for sale, and how a survey can help you reach your asking price


What is a diagnostics inspection?

We explain French diagnostic reports, what they include, their use in the sales process, and how they can help you choose the right property in France


Top 5 common and costly defects to consider when buying in France

Discover the common (and sometimes hidden) defects to look out for in a property, and how to cost-effectively prioritise repairs and renovations


A beginner's guide to French barn conversions

Here's how to plan ahead to get the most from your French barn conversion and your budget, as well as avoiding common pitfalls along the way!


Frequently asked questions: our top FAQs answered

Discover answers to the key questions we get asked most often by our clients about buying and selling French property

Frequently asked questions


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